That’s how fast it was: a big change for Hanychová and Soukup

In life The Hanychs with the boys taking turns somewhat more often than usual, and there weren’t too many of those who didn’t even survive the three-month trial. After a failed marriage with Jakub Prachar (38) already has an eighth partner.

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The era of short-term acquaintances was opened by broker Zdeněk Turek, after four months he was replaced by cameraman Mark Niessner, shortly after that she dated producer Tomáš Sobola, followed by carpenter Adam Raiter, Jan Loskot and wakeboarder Jiří Heller. The relationship with the surgeon Andrej Nikov, who lived with Agata for less than eight months, looked very promising. Even in this case, love did not work out and after a short break Agáta moved into the arms of the media boss Soukupa.

“I don’t need a rich guy. But I always wanted a guy who has a better car and house than me and that finally came true. And I can look up to someone, that’s what I always needed,” she commented on the new relationship at the time.

But Jaromír is also an expert on short-term acquaintances. With an actress Kateřina Brožová (53) lasted two years, p Teresa Mátlová (46) then only a few months. It will still be interesting to see where their destinies will go, to Jargáta, or Agromír if you want, but the bookies are listing the odds.

Agáta bragged about how Jaromír cooks.

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