"That’s a super thing": Berliner Tafel celebrates Herbert Grönemeyer

“This is a super thing”
Berliner Tafel celebrates Herbert Grönemeyer

Herbert Grönemeyer actually made his bet on “Wetten, dass..?” yes won. It was foreseeable that he would still do his part to support the Berliner Tafel financially, but it is still worthy of all honor. The recipients of the generous donation think so too.

The chairwoman of the Berliner Tafel was “overjoyed” about the announcement by singer Herbert Grönemeyer on the ZDF program “Wetten, dass…?” indicated that they wanted to support the institution with a large amount. “It’s great, we’re really happy,” said Sabine Werth.

It didn’t come as a surprise, however. “We had spoken to management beforehand, so we knew before the show.” Before that, however, there was no connection at all between the singer and the Berliner Tafel.

Grönemeyer put the help in the show on Saturday into play as a wager and even after his victory he insisted that he wanted to take on all operating and maintenance costs for the facility for a month. It is about a five-digit amount, said Werth now. The exact amount will probably be known in a month. “We don’t yet know how high the energy costs will be, the fuel costs. We’ll discuss that in peace.” Werth made no statement as to whether Grönemeyer might come by himself.

The Berliner Tafel, which is financed entirely by donations, says it supports 400 social institutions such as shelters for the homeless, women’s shelters, children’s and youth facilities. From the beginning of November to the end of March, cold aid facilities would be added. In addition, there are 47 food distribution points and eight so-called pop-up points in Berlin. These would not normally be there, “but because of the extremely increased number of people who are standing in front of the door”, they would now have opened, said Werth.

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