"That’s a catastrophe": Fritz Wepper is not allowed to meet his wife

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“That’s a catastrophe”
Fritz Wepper is not allowed to meet his wife

Some time ago, Fritz Wepper had to undergo an operation, from which he has since been recovering in rehab. Due to the current Corona situation, his wife is now prohibited from visiting the 80-year-old there – although both have been vaccinated for the third time.

Actor Fritz Wepper has been in rehab since February to recover from a tumor operation. He even had to celebrate his 80th birthday there in August, although at that time he was still in the company of his family. Due to the worsened corona situation, visits are no longer allowed in the clinic, much to the displeasure of the patient and his wife Susanne Kellermann.

Although both were vaccinated for the third time, the two have only been able to meet virtually for two weeks. “It is sad that it has come to the point that sick and old people cannot see their relatives. This is a disaster that should have been prevented,” said the 47-year-old in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper .

To protect the patient

A spokeswoman for the clinic in which Wepper is located also told the newspaper that a 2G-plus rule generally applies there. “But there is currently a ban on visiting wards that are particularly medically sensitive in order to protect patients.”

At the moment it looks like Fritz Wepper will soon be released. He should go home to his family as early as the beginning of December. Your company should also help him recover. In August he said in the “Bunte” interview: “The daily visits from my family and friends are always a highlight and give me a lot of strength.”

At the beginning of 2019, Fritz Wepper’s first wife, Angela, died at the age of 76 as a result of a cerebral haemorrhage. He has been married to Susanne Kellermann since 2020. The 47-year-old was known as his lover until 2012. The two never made a secret of the affair and even had a daughter named Filippa. Little is known about their relationship between 2012 and 2019.

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