That went with "Temptation Island"- Henrik im toten Winkel!

What do Henrik Stoltenberg and Anastasia Mennemeier driven in the blind spot? At Temptation Island VIP, Paulina’s boyfriend got Ljubas (25) from Seductress Anastasia a hot lap dance. The beauty was jumping around on Henrik’s lap so much that the 25-year-old could obviously no longer contain himself. He disappeared into the blind spot with the 19-year-old and made piquant noises. Im Promiflash-Interview clarified Anastasia now on what’s really between her and Henrik ran!

“We didn’t get any closer”, posed Anastasia opposite to Promiflash clear. The noises from the bushes indicated an intimate act, but the “Temptation Island V.I.P.”-Tortress asserted that she and Henrik did not go any further. Also stressed Anastasiathat the reality TV star is quite capable of deciding “what is right and wrong”.

Still admitted Anastasia one that the pictures that Henrik and she with it Paulina delivered, “were definitely too much”. But let it be Anastasias Task at “Temptation Island V.I.P.”, Henrik to seduce, that’s why she was not guilty of anything. Besides, be Henrik not her type outside of the show anyway Anastasia clear.

“Temptation Island VIP” on November 11th RTL +.

Henrik Stoltenberg and Anastasia Mennemeier at “Temptation Island VIP”
Anastasia Mennemeier, Temptation Island VIP Seductress 2021
Henrik Stoltenberg at "Temptation Island VIP"

Temptation Island V.I.P., RTL

Henrik Stoltenberg at “Temptation Island VIP”

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