‘That night I put my little girl to bed as usual… hours later she was gone’: David is a heartbroken dad as his 6-year-old daughter Isla tragically died of a heart attack

When she was born, little Isla was diagnosed with long QT syndrome, an abnormality in the electrical system of the heart. This anomaly can cause too fast heartbeats and arrhythmias. It affects one in 2,000 people.

The little girl’s illness increased her chances of suffering from a heart attack. To take care of his sick daughter, David decided to stop working. “I was by his side in the hospital the whole time. Time seems to pass but it was like slow motion. I wouldn’t have wanted her to suffer. She was the happiest little girl you’ve ever met, ”testifies David in the columns of the Sun.

But one evening, while putting his daughter to bed, David noticed something was wrong. “She got into bed but didn’t want to settle down. I knew something was wrong, ”explains the father of the family. And David was right, as his baby girl was rushed to hospital that night. She died on October 8 of a heart attack.

“I put my little girl to bed as usual… a few hours later she was gone,” sadly testifies David, who decided to raise funds for the hospital which treated his daughter throughout her life. short life. He has already collected the sum of 4,200 pounds (4,735 euros).

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