THAT Marvel hero can destroy the X-Men if he wants to

Of several Marvel teams, the X-Men are the most contested by the world’s population, as mutants pose a global threat due to Magneto.

Although Professor Xavier and his team are the good guys, to much of the world they are nothing more than an imminent danger as they pose a number of threats.

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Unlike other heroes, mutants fight for their rights, wanting to walk alongside humanity and facing human prejudice.

But, this does not always happen, because they have the most varied powers, the nations of the world need to think about how to contain them. For one of the great heroes of the Avengers, this is not a problem.

Iron Man Has The Perfect Weapon To Take Down Mutants

In issue 25 of Iron Man, Tony Stark hid all of Source Control’s weapons in a giant warehouse.

Among these weapons is a giant head of a Sentinel, mutant-hunting machines, whose only mission is to exterminate the race.

The Sentry is not intact, but Stark is highly skilled in reverse engineering technology and could create a body if he wanted to (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

At the Hellfire Gala event, Stark talked with Emma Frost about the mutant ability of resurrection, and mentioned that Krakoa’s time was limited.

The Eternals started a war against the X-Men, showing the vulnerability of the team led by Charles Xavier and Cyclops.

If he really wanted to, Stark could make his army of Sentinels and neutralize all the mutants that exist in the world.

Of course, the X-Men would retaliate for the attack, possibly even injuring Iron Man, but they wouldn’t all be able to destroy Stark’s advanced inventions.

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