“That her wedding photo also became her mourning photo, no one could have seen it coming”: Myriam, 58, murdered by her husband three months after their wedding:

Many people met this Wednesday at the Diest funeral home to say goodbye to Myriam Nivarlet, this fifty-year-old murdered by her husband three months after their marriage. While the exact facts remain a mystery, the victim was allegedly stabbed with a knife in his sleep.

During the ceremony, Myriam’s loved ones recalled her positive impact on the people around her. “Having her wedding photo become her mourning photo, no one saw it coming,” echoed the farewell celebration. A friend of the victim, Sonia, also took the floor recalling the times when the two women met on the train to go to work in Brussels and who, thanks to this, became close friends.

In May, after 22 years of relationship, Myriam and her husband Jacky G. decide to get married. If the young spouses seemed happy, the marriage turns tragic when Myriam is stabbed by her husband in their house in Schaffen. Wounded, Jack G. calls the ambulance and is transported to the hospital. The latter will confess the facts in the meantime.

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