Thanksgiving statue makes a rare impression on passersby

Every November 25, USA They celebrate Thanksgiving, a pre-Christmas holiday in which the family gathers, but parades are also held in their honor. However, in this edition, during a parade organized by a renowned store a particular figure of Jolly Green Giant surprised how he captivated those present and it did not take long for become a trend on social networks What Twitter.

This character, in the American popular culture, is the mascot that appears in various agricultural products, whose presence has almost become a tradition, but this time it has landed on the virtual platforms becoming viral and transcending the scope of the North American country.

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Specially in Twitter, hundreds of images of the enormous figure circulate in the parade organized by Macy’s which has impressed thousands who have been missed, but also impacted with the chunky green man, who holds beans of said tonality, as well as other agricultural products.

The Green Giant was part of a parade organized by the Macy’s store. (Photo: Jill / Twitter)

However the gigante Jolly Green It also has other more humanitarian purposes, such as helping hungry children in the United States by selling sweaters with Christmas motifs that bear the image of this green man, where the proceeds will be donated to the organization No Kid Hungry (No hungry child).

In this regard, the B&G Foods Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Jordan Greenberg, detailed in a press release: “Giant green veggies have been a casserole staple in American homes for generations and this Thanksgiving we wanted to bring the beloved vegetarian side dishes to center stage.”.

And I add: “We are literally giving Americans the opportunity to show off their love for all things casserole on their sleeves, and using this opportune moment of being at the table together to support the important work that is being done. No Kid Hungry.

Many users who do not live in the United States wondered about the origin of this curious character.  (Photo: Patrick / Twitter)
Many users who do not live in the United States wondered about the origin of this curious character. (Photo: Patrick / Twitter)

The origin of Green Giant It dates back to 1925 when the company Minnesota Valley Canning It sought to promote a sweeter and larger pea than those offered by the competition, as well as to generate a distinctive seal among consumers.

1926 This is the year when the giant’s drawing is created and included on the labels, but it was in 1938 when it acquires its unique green color.

Given the popularity of the character, the company changed its name to Green Giant (Green Giant) in 1950 and in 1979 the company would merge with Pillsbury Company, which at the end of the 90’s decade was absorbed by General Mills who, finally, sold the brand to B&G Foods for 765 million dollars in 2015.

Jolly Green Giant is characterized by being a large man, whose skin stands out for its green hue, who wears a suit of leaves and boots that, according to legend, lives in the Valley of the Green Giant, alluding to Minnesota river valley, place where the vegetables that he carries in his hands grow.

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To reach children, the company created a smaller mascot which it baptized with the name of Little Green Sprout.

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