Thanks to a victory in Nevada, the US Senate remains in Democratic hands

Joe Biden can breathe. The Democrats keep their majority in the Senate. Saturday evening, after a very tight race, Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto ended up being re-elected in Nevada, while she was seriously threatened by Republican Adam Laxalt, a candidate supported by Donald Trump.

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Now with 50 votes out of 100, the Democrats remain in the majority no matter what. In Georgia, a second round is well organized on December 6 and the advantage is given to the Democrat Raphael Warnock. But even if Republican candidate Herschel Walker won, the Senate would find itself in the same situation as today: 50-50, but with the casting vote of the vice president to decide in the event of a tie. perfect.

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For Joe Biden, it’s a relief. Maintaining control over the Senate is crucial, in particular to confirm appointments of judges or officials within its administration. And getting a new seat thanks to the race in Georgia to consolidate that majority would not be a luxury: Joe Biden has so far had several bills blocked by opponents from his own camp, in particular the senator from West Virginia. Joe Manchin.

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Investigations against Joe Biden

“While MAGA Republicans fueled fear and division, Senate Democrats spoke about how we worked on the issues that matter most to people,” said Twitter, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “The American people have rejected the undemocratic, authoritarian, wicked and divisive direction that MAGA Republicans wanted to give our country,” he added. And to clarify that there is now a “firewall” against the threat of Trumpist Republicans to ban abortion throughout the country.

On the side of the House of Representatives, the games are not yet done. The Republicans could win, but only by a tiny majority. But even a small majority is enough to have a capacity for nuisance. Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, not only spoke about wanting to question aid to Ukraine, he also hinted that Republicans could launch parliamentary investigations against Joe Biden and his administration.

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