Thank U, Next: Movies Ariana Grande Tributed

One of the music videos that caused the most impact among movie fans was that of Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande. The reason? All the references she had to cult feature films among fans.

Ariana Grande surprised the world with the music video for his song Thank U, Nextin which he recreated multiple scenes icons of different films from the 90’s and 20’s popular with women.

Movie references in Thank U, Next. // Source: Twitter @madiscoven

Millions of people saw these movies and discovering them in Ariana Grande’s music video caused a stir and emotion that continues to be mentioned to date. Remember all the movies Ariana referenced?

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Which movies have an appearance in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next?

  • Mean Girls

In the first movie reference, Ariana Grande appears playing Regina George, the Mean Girls antagonist. Similarly, she caused great emotion the appearance of Jonathan Bennett, an actor who played the leading man in the movie Aaron Samuels. Even Kriss Jenner appears in the video playing Ariana’s ‘cool mom’.

The next film that they pay tribute to is Stolen Wins, where Ariana plays the role of actress Kristen Dunst and several iconic scenes appear such as the competition of both cheerleading teams in the game.

One of the favorite films of many is I wish I was 30 and it was one that could not be left out. Ariana Grande appears with the toy house that is very symbolic in the film and in the same way the pink glitters that turned the protagonist into an adult appear.

The last movie he refers to is Legally Blonde. Ariana plays Elle Woods and surprises fans with the appearance of Jennifer Coolidge in the video. Without a doubt, it was a nostalgic blow to all the people who grew up watching those movies. You can watch the video again here:

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