Thalita Zampiroli recovers after intimate surgery and facial feminization: “I am very happy”

the trans model Thalita Zampiroli29 years old, who became known in 2013, after living a one-year affair with the former football player and senator of the Republic. Romario 一 is still in recovery after undergoing an intimate refinement surgery and also a facial feminization.

When talking about the procedures, the businesswoman said that she “is very happy” and that she knows that the results will be the best possible:

“I’m very happy and I’m sure I’ll have the desired results”, celebrated she, who lives in Boston, USA, but underwent the procedures on June 10 and 14, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Responsible for the procedures, the surgeon Jose Carlos Martins Junior said that everything went as expected and that the final result will only be seen after a few weeks, after the face has deflated and the bruises have disappeared. Recovery from intimate surgery is faster.

According to the doctor, Thalita decided to change the surgery plans. She was going to have a frontoplasty on her face, but chose to undergo a dorsum-nasal camouflage with a cartilage graft and jaw bone contouring.

“This brings an equally harmonious result and meets the patient’s wishes, in addition to bringing a faster recovery. Thalita owns a great plastic beauty and the objective of the surgeries was just to smooth and harmonize the bone features of the face, emphasizing even more the proportion, symmetry and harmony”, explained the specialist.

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