Thaís Casalino on an interview that Melissa Paredes offered to “América Hoy”: “She felt that they attacked her”

Thaís Casalino was encouraged to reveal details of the interview he did with Melissa Paredes, which will be broadcast this Monday, January 10 in the program “Women in command.”

The television host revealed how the “Ojitos Hechiceros” actress felt when she was questioned by Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo about the compromising images she starred in with Anthony Aranda, when she was still the wife of Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba.

“She told me that she felt violated at that time, I suppose that after a situation like this she was kind of in shock and she did not know how to properly construct her arguments. She thought they were going to give her a space to talk “, the newspaper Trome stressed in communication.

“What they did, as he says in the interview, was like judging her and attacking her head-on. She says that she was in shock for 4 to 5 days because she did not understand what was happening because her truth is what she has always said from the beginning: That she was separated “, he limited.

Thaís Casalino said that Melissa confessed that after the interview in “América Hoy” she did not want to speak in front of cameras again because she “felt insecure about everything”.

In a preview of the “Mujeres al Mando” program, Melissa Paredes revealed that she is not single after her divorce from soccer player Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba. The full interview will be broadcast this Monday on the Latina screen.

“I’m not single (…) A month ago we were in love”, the ex-conduct of “America Hoy” is heard saying.

Melissa Paredes in exclusive interview


Melissa Paredes and the time she spoke about how difficult it is to be a footballer’s wife

Melissa Paredes talks about how difficult it is to be the wife of a footballer.  (Video: America TV)
Melissa Paredes talks about how difficult it is to be the wife of a footballer. (Video: América TV) null

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