Thaila Ayala moves the web with crying and outburst after losing baby: ‘Worst hell in life’. Listen

Thaila Ayala had previously revealed suffered two miscarriages before being able to give birth to Francisco, in December 2021. But now the artist has decided to disclose the audio you sent to the friend Julia Faria the day she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a fetus, already dead, from her belly.

In the message, Renato Góes’ wife is crying a lot, sad and scared with the whole situation. “Passing by to let you know that I’m here at Perinatal [maternidade do Rio de Janeiro]. No, it’s not to give birth to a child. It wasn’t this time. I hadn’t said anything before because… ah, you know me. When the animal really catches, I go inside the shell, I prefer to go through things alone”, she justified at the time, among many tears.

Listen to the full audio at the end of this article!

Thaila Ayala details pain and fainting after losing baby

Still in hospital, even before undergoing surgery, Thaila reveals in the audio that she suffered a lot after the baby died in her belly, which happened in early February 2021: “I lost the baby, then I went through the worst hell in my life. We thought it was going to come out normal and it didn’t. I I passed out from the pain twice, I vomited from the pain I don’t know how many times. Nobody tells you the pain it is to expel… I mean, I thought I was expelling a mini fetus.”

“It looked like he was in the canal pulling up everything. It was a lot of pain, a lot of pain, a lot of pain. Sudden death. Then they told me that the pain of miscarriage is the pain of childbirth. How ungrateful, right. You have the pain of childbirth only losing the baby. What suffering, for God’s sake”, lamented the artist.

Thaila Ayala explains why the baby died

“My baby was in the tubes, then instead of going down he went up to the abdomen, so these fainting and vomiting were both from the abortion and from this process of the baby in the abdomen. He is there floating in liters of blood, only dirty blood that is with my organs”, detailed Thaila, who also put her life at risk during Francisco’s pregnancy.

The artist ended the audio by explaining how the procedure would be and its possible consequences. “I’m here in the hospital, I’m going to have a general anesthesia, go into the operating room to remove the dead baby. In this case, my son. And the worst thing is that I still have to hear from the doctor that I might have to remove both tubes , which they were going to test there at the time. Anyway, everything will be fine”, he prophesied with hope.

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