Test: Which Ma Dong Suk movie should you watch according to your tastes?

Ma Dong Suk, better known as Don Lee, is a popular Korean actor who has endeared himself to audiences both in his country and around the world. He has participated in all kinds of movies and many of them are unmissable. This test will help you choose one of his movies to enjoy this Sunday.

ma dong suk He is an actor well recognized for each of the roles he plays and has participated in many films which are unmissable. With this test you will know which of all his films you should see based on your pleasures.

Ma Dong Suk has must-see movies. // Source: Twitter @mafreshman

This test It won’t take you more than five minutes and will help you pick one of Ma Dong Suk’s most iconic movies. Whether you like comedies, zombie movies, or superhero movies, one of them is perfect for you.

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This Sunday you must see a film by Don Lee, which one would you like according to your personality?

For this test you will have to count how many identical answers you have, the majority will give you your final result.

  • What word do you think describes you best?

A) Clumsy.

B) Brave.

C) Protector.

  • Are you a person who prefers day or night?

A day.

B) Night.

C) Both.

  • How do you like the protagonists of the stories?

A) Funny.

B) Determined.

C) Strong.

  • What genre of movies do you like the most?

A) Comedy.

B) Horror.

C) Action.

  • Do you have happy or sad endings?

A) Happy.

B) sad.

C) I like both.

  • If you had a superpower what would it be?

A) Superintelligence.

B) Invisibility.

C) Telekinesis.

  • What are you willing to do to protect your loved ones?

A) Even illegal things.

B) Give my life.

C) Fight against everyone.

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If yours are comedies, The Bro is for you. It tells the story of two completely different brothers who meet again at their father’s funeral. While each has plans for the inheritance, everything will soon be complicated by the arrival of a mysterious girl.

  • Majority B: Train to Busan

Your thing is terror and zombie invasions. You love movies in which everyone is fighting for survival and trying to do the impossible not to be turned into monsters. This movie tells the story of several train passengers who are on their way to Busan, but everything gets complicated when an infected with a zombie bite gets on the train and starts turning everyone into the carriages.

If your thing is superheroes, Eternals is your best option. It tells the story of several superheroes who have to come together to defeat a new evil and protect the earth. It belongs to the MCU and has stars like Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.

In other news, do you want to know more about Ma Dong Suk? These are some facts about the actor that you will love.

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