Test: What profession would you share with Lee Jong Suk in a drama?

If you are a fan of Lee Jong Suk then you already know the many facets he has shown on screen, take this test and find out if you would dedicate your life to the same profession as any of the characters he has played.

Through time, the roles that Lee Jong Suk has in the dramas they have been transformed, not only because of the great talent he showed but also because as his age changes he also adapts better to different roles.

Lee Jong Suk He has been played to students on several occasions, we have also seen him as a journalist, CEO, editor and more. maybe you have a character favorite in charge of this actor but, with which would you have in common the profession within a kdrama?

Answer this test, write down each of your answers while you tell us about your personality and your love for dramas, in the end you will find the result that corresponds to you.

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Lee Jong Suk test: Would you have the same profession as one of his characters?

1. Do you consider yourself a person who is…

  • A) Responsible
  • B) creative
  • C) fair

2. One of your abilities is…

  • a) be very curious
  • B) Have a great imagination
  • C) Speak well in public

3. Which of these situations are you good at?

  • A) Do not let yourself be manipulated by others
  • B) Convincing someone to join a particular plan
  • C) Know beyond what people tell you
Lee Jong Suk test. | Source: Instagram @pomkichi1973

4. The most important thing when working as a team is…

  • a) honesty
  • B) Good communication
  • C) respect and trust

5. What kind of dramas are your favorites?

  • A) Juveniles
  • B) Office Romance
  • C) Action and suspense
Lee Jong Suk test. | Source: Instagram @cafe.happy0206

6. What do you like about Lee Jong Suk’s characters?

  • A) They are brave
  • B) They always follow their ideals
  • C) They are loyal

7. Which phrase do you identify with the most?

  • A) I want others to recognize my talent
  • B) I like to share my happiness with loved ones
  • C) I care a lot about the well-being of others
Lee Jong Suk test. | Source: Instagram @pomkichi1973

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  • Most A: Journalist

You and Lee Jong Suk would share a profession in the drama Pinocchio, so you could be a reporter or a newscaster, do you like this idea? Both would learn a lot from such work as they delve into their activities.

Your answers in the test reveal that you and Lee Jong Suk would have the same profession in Romance Is A Bonus Book. They could serve as publishers and would get the best books published by working alongside authors.

The traits of your personality that you revealed in the test tell us that you could be a prosecutor together with Lee Jong Suk, this is the profession that he performs in the drama While You Were Sleeping and, although at the beginning there are those who doubt his talent in the end he proves his calling.

On the other hand, we tell you that Kim Seon Ho returns to acting and will be in Touching the Void, he knows everything about this production.

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