Test: If you were in a webtoon, what will be your role in the plot?

There are all kinds of webtoons and these have become very popular on the web. Genres can range from romance and mystery, to horror and fantasy. Many achieve such fame that they end up being turned into dramas like True Beauty or Again My Life. Would you like to know what character you would be in a webtoon? This test will help you find out.

The webtoon they are more and more popular, being easy to read comics online, thousands of authors can share their stories even for free and they can grow to the point of becoming doramas. If you want to know what paper would you play in a webtoon, this test will tell you.

True Beauty poster. // Source: Twitter @OhDaddy_PH

Will you be the protagonist of the story who is destined for great adventures? Or will you find a way to stop it? Maybe you could even just be there to lend a hand. Or, just being a person in the background of the painting, completely oblivious to the main plot. This test will tell you.

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Protagonist, antagonist, secondary or extra? Which webtoon character are you?

In this test, each answer has a different score, do not forget to count your answers to know your result at the end.

  • What is the first thing you do in the morning?

A) Sigh tired for the day that awaits me. (2 points)

B) Get up, brush my teeth and get ready for my day. (3 points)

C) Play music to wake up with the best attitude. (1 point)

D) Wake up. (4 points)

  • What word do you think best defines you?

A) Indifferent. (4 points)

B) Generous. (3 points)

C) Energetic. (1 point)

D) Apathetic. (2 points)

  • What do you like to do for fun?

A) Enjoy time with myself. (2 points)

B) Go out and have fun with my loved ones. (1 point)

C) Make my friends laugh and help them. (3 points)

D) I prefer to rest and relax. (4 points)

  • If you caught someone cheating on a test, what would you do?

A) I don’t do anything, I don’t want to get in trouble. (4 points)

B) I’m probably the one cheating. (2 points)

C) He told a friend about the situation and we looked for what to do. (3 points)

D) I get up and tell the teacher the situation. (1 point)


  • Protagonist (1 to 4 points)

Without a doubt, you will be the center of the entire plot. You may have a complicated life, but in the end you will get the most popular and richest person in the school. Of course, not without first experiencing a series of complications that will question your determination. It will not be an easy road, but you will surely have your happy ending.

  • Antagonist (5 to 8 points)

You are there to make life squares for the protagonist. It will depend on the plot, you could be a really bad person or maybe you are just the villain of a badly told story. Although it is a bit difficult to empathize with you, sometimes people will not be able to help but take a liking to you and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you’re not a real villain.

  • Secondary character (9 to 12 points)

You may not have the spotlight, but that saves you a bit from the misfortunes of the protagonist. You are there to help the hero of the story, to be someone he can trust and lean on, of course, without having all the responsibility of saving the day.

  • Extra character (13 to 16 points)

Although it may not sound like an important role, being an extra saves you from all the misfortunes and misadventures of the protagonists. So your life will be completely devoid of drama. Also, one way or another, you will always be the protagonist of your own story. So what does it matter to be an extra?

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