Test: How would you find love in your drama story?

Take this fun test about your love for Korean dramas and your favorite romantic clichés, and in the end you will find out how you would meet the boy who will steal your heart.

Although dramas tend to deal with very diverse themes, some of the most popular among international fans are romance stories, so we are sure that you have already seen several. series that follow the story of two or more lovers.

If you are a fan of K-dramas from love then you will love this test, because it will lead you to discover how you would find love within a story like these. In some cases this happens due to the destiny that has always united the characters, sometimes they need a push from technology to discover that they love each other and other times it is even magic that originates the plot.

Answer this test and find out which story would correspond to you within one of these korean series.

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Quiz: de doramas: Would you find love by destiny, magic or technology?

1. What kind of friends do you like to see in dramas?

A) Large groups of friends

B) Teams of 3

C) Two best friends

2. The romantic cliché that never fails to win you over is…

A) love triangles

B) From friends to boyfriends

C) In enemies to lovers

Drama test. | Source: Instagram @the.kingeternalmonarch

3. Love dramas are more interesting when they are…

a) fantasy

B) From working life

C) Juveniles

4. Apart from the story and the characters, what catches your attention when you watch a drama?

A) The food

B) The places where the scenes were filmed

C) The outfits

5. What moments do you like to see in dramas?

A) Flashbacks to the past of the characters

B) Special effects

C) Unexpected stories

Drama test. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

6. How did you start watching dramas?

A) On television or buying the series

B) On Viki or another streaming platform

C) On Netflix

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You would have a drama story set in everyday life and you would find love after unexpectedly meeting a special person, but after getting to know her better you would realize that this is only the work of destiny, does the past unite you?

Your love would be born by a magic spell, but without realizing it, it would come true because of the situations that it would lead you to. Kind of like what happened in Hwayugi, do you remember? The love that one day appeared by imposition remained beyond supernatural forces.

  • Most C: Technology

Your love story in a drama would have the participation of technology, something like what happened in Love Alarm. Although that is what would lead you to discover your crush, the feeling was already in your heart

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