Test: How will you find love according to your favorite dramas?

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, chances are you have a favorite cliché, a highly anticipated scene for the lead couple, and a whole list of romantic series that you love. Answer this test about your favorite series and discover your destiny in love.

Within the world of dramas there are many themes that fans love, from action stories, suspense that keep us very attentive to the screen, funny plots, period series and more. But the ones that can never be missing are the romantic K-dramas.

It’s about those dramas that make us sigh as we follow the experiences of the protagonists and that make us hope for a happy ending for the main couple. Is there any production of this type that you love madly?

Answer this test about the dramas that you like the most, as well as your favorite scenes in each one. At the end, review which letter you chose on the most occasions and you will discover what kind of love you should have according to your tastes in romantic stories.

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What love story would you have? K-dramas you like reveal it

1. Which of these action-romance dramas do you like the most?

A) Descendants of the Sun

B) Dr Stranger

C) Crash Landing On You

2. Now, pick a retro vibe dorama story that you would recommend watching…

A) When My Love Blooms

B) Reply 1988

C) Twenty Five, Twenty One

3. Which music drama with idol stories do you prefer?

A) You’re Beautiful

B) The Liar and His Lover

C) Imitation

4. What school drama could you watch over and over again?

A) Who Are You: School 2015

B) Extraordinary You

C) The Heirs or Boys Over Flowers

5. Now choose a historical drama with a romantic plot that you find fascinating

A) Love in the Moonlight

B) The King’s Affection

C) Moon Lovers

6. How about a fantasy romance drama?

A) Tale of the Nine Tailed

B) My Love From The Star

C) The King: Eternal Monarch

7. Lastly, pick a scene you love to watch in romantic dramas.

A) A fall that ends in a kiss by accident

B) The first date of the protagonists or the romantic confession

C) The first kiss of the main couple

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Your answers in the test indicate that you would find love at work or at school. Surely you would not fall in love at first sight, but after living with a person and discovering that they have more charms than others could imagine.

What would your love story be like according to the doramas? | Source: Instagram @tving.official

Your destiny would be to fall in love with a friend, probably you would not be aware of your feelings due to the affection and loyalty you have had for a long time, but behind it the spark of romance has also begun to emerge.

What would your love story be like according to the doramas? | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

You would fall in love with someone you thought you hated. You would discover that a person who once left a bad impression on you is actually not what you thought and soon that tension or hatred between you would turn into love.

What would your love story be like according to the doramas? | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

Also find out what cliché kiss scene you would have in a drama, you just have to answer another fun test.

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