Tessa elaborates: That’s why she longs for Blachman

Tessa is now putting into words why she suddenly chose to reach out to Thomas Blachman on Tuesday.

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As you know, at last year’s Zulu Awards, the ‘X Factor’ judge chose to mention Tessa in a speech of thanks with the phrase ‘Tessa, I’m in the phone book. Come and bang me and my beloved ‘.

At first, Tessa publicly chose to ignore the outburst, but on Tuesday – here about eight months later – she then posted a video on Instagram, in which she rappingly sends a long swath back towards Thomas Blachman.

She subsequently did not want to elaborate on why, but on Wednesday afternoon she now puts in an interview with Soundvenue words on why she has chosen to record the episode again.



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Tessa tells Soundvenue, that at first she thought it was too flat to answer back. That she’s already being called everything on the net every day that does not go on her, so why should she let herself be put on by him?

In several media outlets, however, Thomas Blachman stated in the fall that he had given Tessa an apology – which she does not think she has received – and when he at the beginning of the new year then began to appear on television in connection with the new ‘X Factor ‘season, she got enough, she says.

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“I just had the feeling: You know what, that can not be damn right! It can not be right that a man should again be allowed to be the one who ends up at the top. He should not get away with it by saying he has sent me an apology I have never received. No way, motherfucker, ”she says Soundvenue

She adds that she is a role model for some people, and if she does not stand up for herself, then how can she expect those who follow her to do so.

Blachman and Tessa are in dispute over an apology.

Blachman and Tessa are in dispute over an apology.
Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard

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Among other things, Soundvenue also asks if she thinks Thomas Blachman should stop as an ‘X Factor’ judge, but she will not go into that, but adds that if it was her who decided, ‘there would probably be other buns on the soup ‘.

Thomas Blachman maintains to BT that in his time he sent Tessa an apology via a private Instagram message, just as Tessa maintains that she has never received any apology. They have both shown screenshots from their phones as documentation.

Earlier Wednesday, BT tried to get an interview with Thomas Blachman, but the message is that he will not comment further on the matter for the time being.

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