Tess Marie Mata, the girl who dreamed of being an influencer before the Uvalde tragedy

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Tess Marie Mata is one of the girls who was a victim of the massacre at the primary school in the community of Uvalde, USA and, after the tragedy that mourned the world, we share with you the history behind the girl who dreamed of becoming a great influencer of TikTokto the point that before leaving this world, he left around 150 videos that he never published on this social networkbut today they come to light.

150 videos that nobody knew

The mother of Tess, Veronica Mata gave statements to ABC where he confessed that his little girl had prepared a lot of material to publish it progressively on the Chinese platform, in addition to ensuring that she liked to dance all the time.

@veronicamata07 Tess Marie we love you and miss you so much baby girl. #uvaldestrong ♬ who’s that chick – 🍪

On the other hand, to CNNthe minor’s uncle, Robert Hill, highlighted that her niece dreamed that one of her videos would go viral on social networks. For this reason, as a tribute, the girl’s mother, since last May 26, has begun to publish the videos that her daughter left for posterity, in all of these remembering how sweet she was.

Making Tess Marie viral

on the account @veronicamata07the mother of Tess She has shared 4 videos, in all of these the little girl does dance steps, always showing a natural, friendly and noble smile, which are accompanied by the heartfelt messages of the woman who brought her to life.

@veronicamata07 My sweet baby girl. She was taken from us because of a senseless act in a mass shooting. I never allowed Tess to post her videos of her because she was so young. But today I want to celebrate her by trying to fulfill her wish for her by becoming TikTok famous. #uvaldestrong ♬ original sound – Veronica Mata

Tess-Marie We love you and miss you very much”he says in the first footage. The second is the most meaningful, but also one of the most revealing: “My sweet little girl. It was taken from us in a senseless act in a mass shooting. I never let Tess post her videos because she was so young. But, now I want to celebrate her by trying to fulfill her wish to become famous in TikTok.

Therefore, users of TikTokin solidarity with the dreams of Tess they have created the hashtag #tessmariemata which, so far, has been adding over 1.7 million viewswith millions of comments of solidarity with the drama that the little girl had to live.



♬ Use ur gay asf – 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐞

The dreams and tastes of Tess Marie

When the story of Tess Marie Mata became known, other aspects of life that she loved were also shown, such as baseball, being a fan of the Houston Astroshis favorite player was Jose Altuve and, according to Washington Posthis walls had posters of this athlete, but he also practiced soccer and played second base on a softball team.

Among his goals was to return to DisneyWorldto the point that he had a container full of dollar bills to return to his family: “She always had the biggest smile in the world”her mother remembers her like this 10 year old girl whose life was abruptly and unjustly extinguished in the past May 24, 2022.

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