Tesla: what were Elon Musk’s announcements for the “Master Plan”?

In front of an audience of investors, Tesla presented its new development plan for the next few years. There was no unprecedented announcement on new models of electric cars, but the evocation of a vision of the future resolutely turned towards renewable energies for all transport vehicles.

Elon Musk, the earthy new boss of Twitter, does not just express himself in an adventurous way on the social network he has offered himself. Last night he presented what he calls his new “Master Plan” for Tesla. This grand plan is the builder’s third. The first took place in 2006 and the second in 2016. And since the nerve of electric mobility is above all money, it was in front of an audience of investors that this presentation was held at the Gigafactory in ‘Austin, Texas (USA). During this presentation, Elon Musk explained that he intends to pave the way towards a fully sustainable energy future. An expression that he had already broadcast in preview on Twitter to set the tone for this conference.

But there have been no announcements of new versions or improvements to the current vehicles, apart from that of the marketing of the Cybertruck this year. The firm also sought to reassure investors by evoking its optimizations in the management of coins and flows. It is above all on its investment to make the planet more virtuous in terms of energy that the brand has expressed itself.

During his Investor Day conference, Elon Musk did not unveil new vehicles, but his ambitions to make all electric vehicles powered by renewable energies. ©Tesla

10 trillion dollars for renewable energies

Tesla has indicated that it wishes to invest in the production of energy by solar and wind power in order to be able to store it. Tesla estimates that it will take an investment of $10 trillion to achieve this optimally. A colossal figure, but which would concern all the energy needs for the planet. In his vision, Elon Musk believes that all means of transport will be electric, whether land, sea or air vehicles. If the air will be cleaner, the billionaire brushes aside ecological, even geopolitical considerations, on the minerals necessary for the design of batteries to store energy.

For him, it’s like oil, the more you search, the more you will find. In terms of new features, the only big concrete announcement is based on a home charging subscription, with 100% green energy. This process will be tested in Texas with a package of 30 dollars per month for unlimited top-ups. Finally, Tesla also announced the creation of a new factory in Mexico.

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