Terrorist († 32): Prepared for the explosion in a shabby asylum

According to his acquaintances, he was treated in psychiatry in the past. He tried several times to get asylum, but failed. Because of this, he wanted to take revenge on the British with his terrorist act. Police found that he had lived and planned an attack in the infamous Sutcliffe Street shelter for the past year, covered in dirt and difficult insects. He complained about the appalling hygienic conditions in the hostel several times. “Thin plywood walls, constant noise, dirt and insects. It was a struggle to live there, but I had no choice. This hostel has been serving asylum seekers for ten years. But it’s horrible, “said TJ Jayaweera (29), an asylum seeker from Sri Lanka, what it looked like in the shelter. He himself lived there for three years and was said to be one of the worst in his life. And this is where the Liverpool terrorist tried to build an explosive device. However, before his act, he moved elsewhere.

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