‘Terrifying 3’: Director reveals that horror sequel will be even more “WILDER”

The director Damien Leonewho commandedTerrifying 1 and 2‘ (Terrifier 1 & 2), confirmed that he is working on the third film in the franchise that made people sick with the gore scenes.

Leone shared the news on Twitter:

“I can tell you this…Terrifier 3 will pick up right from the end of part 2 and it will be wildly wild,” he wrote.

“I already had Part 3 in mind when writing Part 2. We raised a lot of questions in the second film that weren’t answered. I pretty much have the whole story lined up for the third one, but it’s getting so big that we might even have a fourth movie.”

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After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County, where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

The director claims he never imagined the franchise would become so successful.

“It’s surreal. It snowballed, the word-of-mouth marketing, people feeling sick and passing out in the screening… I never imagined the movie would make millions of dollars in theaters”.

Leone thinks the franchise could attract attention from major studios.

“It was going to be awesome to get a real Hollywood makeup company to do the special effects. This would help the work a lot and make it more realistic, ”he said.

The film will be released in national theaters as ‘terrifier 2‘ December 29th, while the former is available on Amazon Prime Video as ‘terrifying🇧🇷

There have been several reported incidents of people passing out and vomiting during screenings of the film – which promises to be extremely VIOLENT.

“My friend passed out watching ‘Scary 2’ and the theater had to call an ambulance. Highly recommend.”

“While watching ‘Scary 2’ with my friend, he threw up and passed out. I’ve seen five people leave the movie theater. I’m loving!”

“Viewers are throwing up in theaters over some scenes in ‘Scary 2’. This is one of the best horror films of the year.”

“I just watched ‘Scary 2’. This movie is extremely violent. The guy behind me fainted and fell out of his chair; another guy left because he wasn’t feeling well. I heard him throwing up in the bathroom.”

“Damn it! ‘Terrifying 2’ is fantastic! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Someone actually fainted during my session. Palhaço Art is already a horror icon.”

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Damien Leone returns to direction.

David H. Thornton returns as the sadistic clown. Lauren LaVera will be the protagonist of the sequel.

🇧🇷terrifying‘ was originally released in 2016 on a limited basis and ended up winning over slasher horror fans.

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