Terrible experience for these Belgians who trusted an entrepreneur by paying thousands of euros: “He seemed to have experience”

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“We launched a project with Bpools a year ago, led by Bas H. who lives in Hasselt”, explains one of the clients who had been scammed to our colleagues at Het Belang Van Limburg. “The start went off without a hitch. Bas seemed to have a lot of experience in the industry. But after the payment of a first advance, contacts became more difficult and sporadic. “

This is where the problems started. “We paid 25,000 euros. A year later, we have a pool that looks like a basin, a green porridge. Half finished. Our garden is a mess. “

About twenty clients who had dealt with this Bas then got together to better understand this affair. “He was in lingerie and before that he had a business that built swimming pools. This company went bankrupt. Then he started Concrete Projects. Bpools invoices have been made in the name of this company. There is no official information on Bpools itself on the internet other than its beautiful site. “

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On the other hand, it seems that the suppliers and subcontractors were not paid despite the advances paid by the customers. The aggrieved citizens had to call on new companies to finish the swimming pools still under construction. “In the meantime, the Bpools site remains active and it can continue to make new offers and request advances from people who do not yet know it. It has to stop. “

Contacted by the Limburg media, Bas H. did not comment on the situation.

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