Terrible experience for Cédric, a French-speaking trader in Ostend: “A bit like painting a yellow star on my window”

“Here we are in Flanders, here we speak Flemish! shouted three men who entered Cédric’s pop-up store, before sticking their “Nederlands” sticker on the window.

Absent at the time of the events, the trader is in shock. For him, it is clear, he was the victim of racism. “A bit as if we had painted a yellow star on my window”, he testifies to our colleagues from RTL Info. For fear of reprisals, the merchant will not file a complaint.

For its part, Voorpost does not support this act. “We support 100% the message appearing on our printed matter, but we are not responsible for its misuse”, indicates Bart Vanpachtenbeke, the president of the movement, to our colleagues.

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