Terrible drama in the north of France: a tax inspector killed at a second-hand goods dealer who committed suicide

This junk dealer “was visited by a tax inspector”, and “sequestered him at his home”, explained a first source.

The inspector is “deceased” and “the junk dealer committed suicide”, she added, specifying that the gendarmerie had been warned “by a witness”.

“When the gendarmes arrived, the two men were dead,” she said.

According to a second source, the inspector was killed “by several stab wounds”.

A survivor


“A woman, tax inspector”, was also found, “tied to a chair and deeply shocked”, added this source.

The research section of the Hauts-de-France gendarmerie was seized.

Called around 7:00 p.m., the firefighters confirmed at the start of the evening “two deceased in Bullecourt and one injured, about to be transported”, specifying that the intervention was “still in progress”.

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