Terrible accident during the Ducasse de Mons: trampled during the ascent of the Car d’Or, she ends up in intensive care

There were thousands of you waiting for the return of the Ducasse from Mons after two years of absence. This was felt every day of the Doudou, especially on Sunday during the famous climb of the Car d’Or. It’s a real human tide that began to push the Car d’Or on the Sainte-Waudru ramp.

Unfortunately, during this strong moment which precedes the fight says Lumeçon, an incident occurred.

A Lady Tripped and Was Trampled: Here’s What Happened

“We are waiting for new examinations”: the sister of the victim testifies

During the ducasse, the Red Cross intervened on numerous occasions. “In total, there were around sixty interventions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On the other hand, on the Sunday after the fight, there were around 120,” explains the spokesperson for the Red Cross.

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