Tereza Pergnerová in tears: Her own son left her!

Every mother is touched when her first child flies out of the nest. She was no exception Pergnerova. When she and her partner Jiří Chlebeček accompanied her son to the station in Pilsen and he left for Munich, she couldn’t hold back the tears. “To my son – behave yourself, be kind, be respectful. I don’t want you to follow my path, I want you to create your own. Even if you see me as successful in my life, I still want you to show the world your own experiences. I know you’ll show them” Tereza told her son via video.

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Samuel was to go to Tyrol. It is not yet certain whether he can study or work there. Tereza’s daughter Nathalie (14) remained at home, who fortunately is not going anywhere yet.

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