Tense crossover between Tomás Holder of "Big Brother 2022" and Sol Perez: "lowered the level"

During the program on Wednesday, in which Maria Lauraknown as “Tasting”, was saved, Santiago del Moro made it known the new and unexpected romance of “ Big Brother 2022”. During the broadcast, the moment was shown when Nacho Y Lucilla, nicknamed “Tora”, kissed for the first time. However, on the floor were Thomas Holder, Blackberry Y Martina Stewart-Usherwho struck down their former teammates.

Look at the confrontation between Tomás Holder of “Big Brother 2022” and Sol Pérez!

The young man from Rosario and the physical education teacher, who was accused of having mistreated his students, were part of the “Los Little Monkeys” group together with Juan and Nacho. Such was the union that the 19-year-old participant and Stewart Usher came to share during the first two weeks of “GH”that until the former competitor fell in love with her friend.

After leaving the house, Martina was very upset with Nacho for his approach with Tora and, in the middle of the night, he dedicated a strong message to him. “You hurt me”, expressed Stewart Usher through a story on his Instagram account. Likewise, Thomas Holder He was one of the competitors most criticized by the followers of “Big Brother 2022”especially for his scandalous phrase: “The milipili with iPhone without a button”.

After broadcasting the first pages of the new romance in the most famous house in the country, Martina, who should have seen the sequence in the middle of the program, was asked about Tora’s partner and her lover.“Is it a game, is it because he was left alone or does he like it?” suspected the second eliminated.

Tomás Holder, Martina and Mora on Wednesday's program of ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′. ” data-height=”418″ data-size=”w:861,h:484″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.cronica.com.ar/export/ sites/cronica/img/2022/11/18/mora_martina_tomas_holder_gran_hermano_2022.jpeg_367211184.jpeg” title=”Tomás Holder, Martina and Mora on Wednesday’s ‘Big Brother 2022’ show. “vspace=”5″>
Tomás Holder, Martina and Mora in the Wednesday program of “Big Brother 2022”.

At the same time, Santiago del Moroin the presence of his team of analysts, wanted to know the opinion of the controversial former participant. “Holder, do you believe in this couple?” asked the driver. To which Tomás responded with a lapidary phrase: “No, and I think Nacho lowered the level a lot.”

In this sense, some of the presenter’s companions came out to repudiate the sayings of the young man from Rosario. “Don’t talk about Tora like that”He launched Gaston Trezeguet. At the same time, Sol Perez She was the one who was the most furious with respect to Tomás. “Horrible”the panelist was heard to say.

Tomás Holder launched a controversial phrase about Nacho and Tora's relationship in ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:762,h:429″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.cronica.com .ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/18/tomas_holder_gran_hermano.jpeg_366287663.jpeg” title=”Tomás Holder launched a controversial phrase about Nacho and Tora’s relationship in ‘Big Brother 2022’.” vspace=” 5″>
Tomás Holder launched a controversial phrase about the relationship of Nacho and Tora in “Big Brother 2022”

Del Moro, as a skilled reality show host, continued to investigate the subject. The entertainer wanted to know the reason for the forceful declaration of Thomas Holder. “Because he was with Martina and now he is with Lucila, it’s not that way”sentenced the first eliminated from ” Big Brother”.

Sol Perezvery upset with the opinion of the former participant, assured: “No woman lowers the level of anything. They are two bombs, beyond that one played better or worse. But that “lower the level” is not going “. Likewise, Trezeguet supported his partner and concluded: “Out of place what you said, Holder.”

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