Ten percent: a shower of remakes for the hit series

The “Ten percent” series was a huge success on French soil and in the territories where it was broadcast. Presented on France Télévisions, then on Netflix, the show thus attracted the attention of foreign production and distribution companies. So much so that many remakes are and will be produced all over the world.

Ten percent : French success

In 2015, the screenwriter Fanny Herrero launches into the creation of the series Ten percent. The show follows the daily lives of four celebrity agents, with different personalities, who fight to find iconic roles for their proteges. Worn by Thibaut de Montalembert, Grégory Montel, Liliane Rovère and obviously Camille Cottin, the series quickly met with impressive success. Helped by the noticed appearances of many guest in their own roles, the program currently consists of four seasons, all available on Netflix. The show will even come back for a fifth season and for a feature film. Sacred program.

Des remakes en cascade

Sensitive to the success of Ten percent, Variety reports that many other countries are looking to have their own version of Fanny Herrero’s creation. For now, the show has already been adapted in India under the name Call my agent : Bollywood, in Canada under the title The Invisibles or in Turkey via Call My Manager (Call my agent).

A British remake directed by John Morton is also in production at Amazon UK. A version that will focus more on theater actors. In Italy, a remake is produced by Palomar, a company based in Rome. German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel was chosen to direct this Italian version.

Call my agent : Bollywood ©Netflix

But the remake madness doesn’t stop there. In Indonesia, the show is adapted by Erik Matti, the director of On the job, who will be director and showrunner. In front of the camera, the series will present Angel Locsin and Edu Manzano. The project will be divided into eight chapters and will begin production next May. This version will be distributed by Disney +, which seeks to create original content in the Asia-Pacific region. The streamer recently announced plans to create 50 original series and shows in the region by 2023. This remake of Ten percent will therefore be part of it.

More and more

Among other projects, NBC is looking to produce a remake in the Middle East, HBO Go in the Philippines, Astro in Malaysia, and TVN in Poland. Also note that a South Korean partner will also be unveiled soon. These seven new remakes All are expected to go into production sometime in 2022. Three or four other versions are expected to follow, in the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany and Spain. In each of these remakes, the original show will be adapted to each country. The producers will bring in local talents. It just goes to show that French productions can also have a large-scale international influence!

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