"Temptation Island V.I.P."-Girls: Escalation in the mansion

They don’t let anything burn! At Temptation Island VIP, the women’s villa was often considered a traffic-calmed zone: while the men in previous seasons often had wild scenes on the first evening, the girls preferred to get to know their seducers in a relaxed manner. This year, Paulina Ljubas (24), Emmy Russ (22) and the other candidates seem to want to do away with this image: It escalates between the girls at a lively pool party!

Already in the opening credits of the current episode you can see that a lot of sparkling wine flowed while splashing in the pool. “That was pretty wet and happy”, arranged Paulina the evening in retrospect. But the girls don’t seem to have a guilty conscience at breakfast the next morning – on the contrary: With their little finger, the TV shared apartment swears an oath at the command of the brunettes: “Once a day things really escalate here!”

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And so it goes a bit harder the next evening, according to the oath. After Miguel slipped his swimming trunks at a yacht party, the hottie was apparently uncomfortable with the condition of his downside. Fortunately it was Emmy on the spot and offered their help: “Miguel asked for his hair to be removed and I happen to have wax strips with me.” The seducer then allowed the procedure to endure on his stomach on the pool lounger.

“Temptation Island VIP” from November 11th on RTL +

Paulina Ljubas, Influencerin

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Paulina Ljubas, Influencerin
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“Temptation Island V.I.P.”-Kandidatin Emmy Russ

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