Tell me Flow manages to be in the Top 10 of Billboard

Cesar Fula

The Panamanian producer of urban music Tell me Flow, manages to position himself as a debutant in the Top 10 of Billboard on the album chart with “Always Dream”… Whoa Whoa!

That’s right friends, Dímelo Flow shared in his Instagram story the article from the Billboard page where they highlight the No. 9 position of the “Latin Rhythm” list of the best Latin albums of the urban genre.

According to the Billboard report, the Panamanian producer obtained this position thanks to the number of reproductions of the album in its first week of release that were following him, and seeing that the numbers continued to increase, “Always Dream” was considered to be in the Top of Latin music.

Currently Dimelo Flow continues to work hard for his future productions, as the producer himself shares on his social networks that you always have to keep working for your dreams.

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