Teen stabbed to death during fight in Chimay


In Chimay, in the province of Hainaut, a teenager was stabbed to death with a knife on Thursday during an argument with another teenager. This is reported by the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office, which confirms a report from the newspaper l’Avenir. A suspect has been arrested.

pageSource: BELGA

The facts occurred near the bus station. According to l’Avenir, the victim (15) and the perpetrator knew each other. At the bus station, both got into a fight, there was already a fight before. According to eyewitnesses who could speak to the Walloon newspaper, the perpetrator put his hand on the victim’s shoulder. When he turned around, he was stabbed in the stomach.

In panic, the victim fled to a nearby cafe. There he came to the conclusion that he was bleeding profusely, whereupon the emergency services were called. The victim was taken to Chimay hospital, but died of his injuries.

The public prosecutor’s office announced that it would get off on site on Thursday evening. Further communication will follow on Friday, according to the public prosecutor’s office. According to l’Avenir, the perpetrator was caught and arrested.

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