&TEAM dances powerful choreography in teaser for Under the skin

HYBE Labels is set to dominate the Japanese market with &TEAM, its first J-Pop group. After sharing two teasers with the concept of their first MV, the third preview showed the choreography for Under the skin, a single that will be released prior to the group’s official debut. Have you seen it yet?

&TEAM will release the song in a few days Under the skin, a pre-release to its official debut, which will be the first week of December. in the new teaser more details of his first song were revealed and what caught the most attention was his choreography.

In a few days Under the skin by &TEAM will be released. // Source: Twitter @HYBE_LABELS_JP

&TEAM will be HYBE’s first Japanese group, which will be under the agency HYBE Labels Japan. It will have nine members, of which seven are Japanese, one Korean and one Taiwanese, demonstrating that it will have diversity. This is what you can enjoy in his first MV.

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&TEAM’s New Under the Skin Teaser Showed Off New Stages And Choreography

Through the official account of HYBE Labels, the third teaser of Under the skin, the first song of the J-Pop group &TEAM, was shared. This preview sparked great excitement over the song’s choreography.

In the video you can see the group in a completely different setting. Now, the boys are in what looks like a school and they are wearing school sweatshirts. On top of that, they also show various steps of their choreography while the chorus plays in the background. you can see the teaser here:

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When is Under the skin by &TEAM released?

&TEAM’s Under the skin MV will be available on November 22th at 0:00 a.m. (KST). The official debut of the group will be on December 7 and the name of their first album will be First Howling: ME. Are you going to want to see his debut video? It will surely be a song that will catch you.

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