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Indore, Naidunia Representative, Teaching Indore News. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) on Thursday released the ranking of 6000 educational institutions across the country, in which the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Indore) has got the sixth rank and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Indore) has got the 13th rank. Now both the institutes are busy in improving their rank. In IIM Indore, where apart from meeting the rest of the criteria, it is focusing on research projects. Whereas IIT Indore is putting emphasis on getting more and more research and patents registered.

rank on five criteria

The central government has started giving rankings to institutions from 2016. During that time 500-700 institutions had applied. But year after year their number has started increasing. Now the number of colleges, universities and private universities has reached six thousand, which have been kept in different categories. Pharmacy, Engineering, Management, Law, University, Medical. The institutes have been ranked by NIRF on five different parameters, which include Teaching-Learning-Resource, Research, Student-Teacher Ratio, including Patent.

Research for private institute

The performance of IIMs in the ranks received since 2016 has been very good. The institute was out of the top 10 list in just one year. Whereas every year IIM has made a place among the ten best management institutes. The IIMs, which have come up a notch from last year, have also paid special attention to other options to increase the revenue of the institute apart from the fees coming from teaching. Many executive programs have been run to teach the nitty-gritty of management to the officers of the institutes, which has increased the income of the institute. Even did consultancy for social works and other government agencies. Research has increased. Due to this the rank of the institute has improved. Director Prof. Himanshu Rai says that the criteria on which the institute has performed well so far. That will be given equal attention next year as well. They tell that next year they will do research projects for private institutions and industries. So that grants can be received from other institutions also.

Will do research in new area

IIT Indore, which is included in the list of best engineering institutes across the country, is continuously improving its ranking. The institute, which was in the top 20 from the beginning, made it to the top 10 last year, but this year also the rank has slipped a little further. IIT Indore, which came at 13th position, considers research as its strength and is already working towards improving the rank next year as well. The number of research and patents is going to increase. Within a few months, the institute has got patents registered in seven different fields. Even the possibilities of research in new areas are being explored. Director Prof. Nilesh Jain says that working with government agencies in different directions. By the way, many good research has been done in the Corona period, whose results are also coming out.


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2021 06 13

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