Tea Falco is Cristiana Sinagra in Maradona: Blessed dream: “I play a very brave woman”

Our interview with Tea Falco, interpreter of Cristiana Sinagra in Maradona: Sogno benedetto, the Amazon series available on Prime Video starting from 29 October.

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Maradona: Blessed dream – Tea Falco and Cristiana Sinagra in one scene

After the debut week of Maradona: Blessed dream its Prime Video, with the first five episodes of the serie Amazon dedicated to the Argentine champion, the journey of this production continued with the portion of history closest to the one that Italian football fans will remember. In fact, from the sixth episode for Maradona the Neapolitan period began and characters who gravitated around him in that period were introduced. We talked about it with Giovanni Esposito, who plays Ferlaino, but we also had the opportunity to chat with Tea Falco, which has a difficult and thankless task: to bring it to the screen Cristiana Sinagra.

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Maradona: Blessed Dream – a picture from the series

If last week we had proposed our interview with Julieta Cardinali, who played Maradona’s wife, Claudia, let’s now shift the attention to the one who was the lover of the football player for a period of his stay in Naples. A relationship from which a son was born, Diego Armando Maradona junior, only later, in 2007, recognized by his father. With the Sicilian actress we discussed the figure of Cristiana Sinagra, her point of view on the character and the relationship she had with Maradona, and on the experience on the set of the Amazon series.

In the role of Cristiana Sinagra

Who is Cristiana Sinagra for you?

Cristiana Sinagra is probably the only woman who loved Diego. Not Maradona, but Diego. Not the character, but the man. Everyone was blinded by this character who was Diego Armando Maradona, but few knew what he was in private life. You have suffered a great wrong because in the 1980s, at a time when Italy was very male chauvinist, when women at thirty were at home waiting for their father’s permission to go out with their boyfriend, she had a relationship and became pregnant, causing her to be attacked by the collective conscience of the city of Naples. As a distraction to the god. The series is interesting because it also shows the aspect of fanaticism, of those who think that Maradona was a god, like San Gennaro. Cristiana Sinagra is a very courageous woman who had to fight for her truth and defended herself despite her young age. She is in love with Diego’s sweetness, not with the character.


Maradona: Blessed dream, Nazareno Casero and Tea Falco in one scene

Is it difficult to play such a role without judging one side or the other?

I’m not judging, for sure. Playing Cristiana Sinagra, I become Cristiana Sinagra and look at everything from her point of view.

Which woman had the biggest impact on Maradona’s life?

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From my point of view, the best woman, the one who really loved Diego and not Maradona was Cristiana. He did not ask for money, he just fought to legitimize his son and maintained a friendship with Diego.

Maradona: Blessed dream, the review: The Amazon series that follows Diego’s story

Preparing for Maradona: Blessed Dreams

What studies did you do to understand the character and the context?


Maradona: Blessed dream, Tea Falco in a photo from the series

I looked at the stock material. The interviews and everything you find to see. But I also worked a lot on the Neapolitan diction. Cristiana spoke in a rather refined manner and this made my job more difficult, because I cannot rely on the real Neapolitan neighborhood. I worked with an Italian coach and together we gave more nuances to the character.

Was it difficult to act in Neapolitan?

I am leaning directly on the lines, I do a direct study on the text having had little time.

Do you speak Sicilian?

Yes, but it’s very different, even if I’m a southern woman.

Did you already know her story or did you discover it to play this role? And how did you approach the project?

I found out about Cristiana’s history for this role and in regards to the job and how I approached it, I was called to audition.

Maradona: Blessed dream, the protagonist speaks: “I had to be Maradona without imitating him”

Did you find any differences compared to Italian productions, this being an international context?

Surely the reality of cinema is changing and Amazon is one of the new realities of the series and I have the impression that for some years the cinema in the hall has been making an enormous effort. The new generations use smartphones a lot and are moving more and more towards this type of use.

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