Tays Reis and Biel present their daughter, Pietra, with exclusive photos of the birth: ‘Zeramos a vida’

Tays Reis and Biel showed the face of their first daughter, Pietra, who was born last Wednesday (20). On the profiles of the two, photos of the little girl were posted shortly after her arrival. “Zeramos a vida! We just shared with you the birth of our daughter on our TAEL FAMILY channel vlog!”, wrote the singer. “As of now, there are three of us there!”, she continued.

Pietra was born at 36 weeks and gave her parents a scare, as they believed she would arrive between 38 and 40 weeks. After two false alarms, the baby came into the world through a cesarean. “But it’s the most beautiful thing in the world! I can’t wait to show you, but we’re here in a moment of our own, very family, connecting, getting to know. My God, what a moment!”, reported the singer shortly after giving birth.

In the post with the unpublished photos of the birth, several followers filled Pietra with praise. “What a cute aunt,” wrote Nicole Bahls. “What a doll,” one fan commented. “My God, she is very beautiful! Congratulations, daddies”, praised another follower. Even with less than a week to live, some internet users have already noticed her resemblance to Biel. “Daddy’s copy,” said one. “Biel’s face”, said another. But there were also those who noticed some details of the mother: “Tays’s mouth of heart!”, pointed out a fan.

Tays Reis celebrates victory in court after birth of daughter with Biel

On Saturday afternoon (23), the singer celebrated a favorable decision by the Court after being the victim of offensive messages on Twitter. Through videos posted on Instagram, she commented on the case. “There were several accounts that kept defaming me, saying a lot of things about me, several accounts of haters. So I filed a lawsuit in court, along with Dr. Guilherme Belarmino, and we won the case”, she explained.

According to Tays, now she will know who the people who offended her on the microblog are. “Now I will know one of the accounts that I most wanted to know who the person was. Now I will know everything, the face, the address, because behind the internet everyone is brave”, she continued. According to “G1”, the document was signed by Judge Gustavo Sauaia Romero Fernandes, from the Special Civil and Criminal Court, of the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo.

In the decision, the judge asked that Twitter remove the offending posts within 48 hours, for now without imposing a daily fine. In addition, the social network must also, within 15 days, provide the necessary information, contained in its database, to identify the user.

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