Taylor Swift and Selena Gómez: how the friendship of the singers arose


The protagonist of Only Murders in the Building and the singer who will release Midnights have an unconditional relationship. This is how their relationship began more than a decade ago.

The unconditional friendship of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.
© GettyThe unconditional friendship of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

When thinking about the current music industry, two celebrities appear as the most acclaimed by the young public. We talk about Taylor Swift Y Selena Gomez, the figures that steal all eyes in one of his best years at a professional level. While the first one will release her album Midnights in October, the second enjoys the success of Only Murders in the Building and is preparing to premiere a documentary about his life on Apple TV +. What is the link between the two?

Although in the world of entertainment it is common to find out about rumors or disputes, Taylor and Selena came to demolish that myth. And it is that for more than a decade, both artists have made it clear that they have a beautiful friendship that is unconditional despite the distance or time. To this day they share moments together on social networks and even the singer of All Too Wellhad a stake in Selena + Chefthe series of hbo max. However, this started much earlier.

It was in 2008 when their lives crossed to determine a bond of brotherhood that remains in time. In dialogue with Kiss FM, Selena revealed: “We hang out at the same time with the Jonas Brothers!”. While Swift was in a relationship with joeGomez had an affair with Nick. Thus he insisted:It was amazing, she was the girl with curly hair, bracelets and cowgirl boots. And I was promising. It was the best we got from those relationships”.

Although their friendship could have started before 2008, in reality it was not until that year that they were shown together for the first time in public at the launch of Another Cinderella Story, the film starring Selena. During their adolescence, both understood that they were very compatible and that no one would understand how the rise to fame is lived in the first person as they could between them.

All the problems I have are solvable by Taylor Swift. If I ever have a problem, Taylor has already overcome it because he is older than me and has the answers already thought out. What I love about her is that she does believe in love stories, Prince Charming and soul mates. Thanks to her I have not lost faith. We talk literally every day”, concluded Selena in an interview with Seventeen in 2009.

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