Taylor, a 29-year-old Texan, sentenced to death in the United States: the acts of which she is accused are extremely violent

Taylor Parker’s sentencing verdict was handed down in Texas on Wednesday, after weeks of a trial that began in September, according to court documents released.

The death row inmate had for months made her boyfriend and relatives believe that she was expecting a child, discussing her – fictitious – pregnancy on social networks and going so far as to buy herself a fake silicone belly.

In reality, she could not have children, having undergone a hysterectomy.

On October 9, 2020, Taylor Parker went to Reagan Simmons-Hancock, a 21-year-old woman who was in the last months of her pregnancy, and inflicted more than a hundred stab wounds on her.

After cutting open her stomach to take her fetus, she left, leaving the victim’s 3-year-old daughter asleep in another room.

Taylor Parker was arrested shortly after, about fifteen kilometers from the scene of the murder, driving her car, the newborn baby on her lap. She had assured that she had just given birth.

The baby, hospitalized, had not survived.

She was tried in the small town of New Boston, east of Dallas.

During the hearings, the police explained on the stand that, a few weeks before the murder, Taylor Parker had started scouting pregnant women in specialty stores or maternity hospitals. Shortly before the facts, she had watched many videos of childbirth and caesarean sections.

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