Taxonomy, the vote in Strasbourg on Wednesday. And Kiev writes to the EU Parliament: “Yes to gas and nuclear power so as not to hinder reconstruction”

One day from the vote of the classroom StrasbourgKiev intervenes with a straight leg in favor of gas he was born in nuclear in the ongoing debate on green taxonomythe list of economic activities that according to the EU they are sustainable from an environmental point of view. On Wednesday morning the European Parliament is called to vote on the resolution of rejection of the proposal of the Commission, which includes precisely the fossil source and the atom among the energy sources useful for the ecological transition and candidates to have the EU label for green investments. For the go-ahead in the Chamber, an absolute majority is needed, ie 353 MEPs. A letter from the Ukrainian government signed by the Minister of Energy arrived to mess up the cards German Galushenko: the letter, addressed to the president of the economic commission of the European Parliament, the MEP of the Democratic Party Irene Tinaglicomplains that “if he were to pass the objection to the delegated act he would put post-war reconstruction is in difficulty of the Ukrainian energy sector. Nuclear power generation and local gas production will remain a solid backbone to ensure the security of energy supply and Ukraine’s sovereignty over the next decade (up to 2030) ”.

On the no to gas and nuclear power, officially, the greensthe left of The Left ei Socialists & Democrats. The yes to the delegated act of the Commission is instead firmly supported by the group Ecrfrom the group Id. To these, according to the latest rumors, we must add the majority of Renew. The group leader Stephane Sejourné said he was convinced that the taxonomy would pass but, within the liberals, the comparison between the French component (the most important), in favor of nuclear power and the German one, traditionally opposed, weighs. Divisions that also cross the Ppewhere is it FI it is clearly in favor of the delegated act while more than one doubt remains among the Germans and the Dutch, with one component determined to vote no.

Galushenko’s letter cannot but have a weight: his words could shake the thesis of those who argue that by facilitating investments in gas through the taxonomy, the interests of the Russia. It is no coincidence that League immediately seized the ball: “Do the Democratic Party and the left really want to put ideology before these real needs, and also vote against the requests of the Ukrainian people?”, the MEPs wrote in a note Marco Zanni (ID group president) e Marco Campomenosi (head of delegation). Among the socialists, the Kiev appeal could increase the frond ready to vote no to the rejection of the taxonomy, although the parent company Iratxe Garcia Perez has ensured that the official line is “clearly majority in the group”. Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Commission, the owner of Financial Services Mairead McGuiness he professed realism: “Gas is not a green source but Member States may need it. And the taxonomy, in any case, does not oblige anyone to invest in gas and nuclear power ”, were his words.

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