Taxi on strike in Naples, chaos at Capodichino airport: hundreds of people in line waiting for the bus – Video

Chaos outside the airport Capodichino to Naples where hundreds of people waited in line for the Alibus buses of the Neapolitan mobility company due to the taxi drivers’ strike. For the protest, which has the competition bill at the center, there were no cars outside the airport and so passengers flocked in front of the airport waiting for a bus.

The second “unauthorized” strike Francesco Artusa, president of Sistema Trasporti, an association for the private transport of NCC cars and tourist buses, is “boundless in violence”. During the demonstration, “two NCC drivers were attacked respectively in front of a hotel and at the Molo Beverello and many others threatened”. “The Nccs work on booking through contracts that they have the duty to honor as well as our customers have the right to use the service they have requested”, he adds in the note.

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