Tax delegation and reform of life imprisonment, no agreement in the Senate: no vote. All postponed to September

There fiscal delegation written by the Draghi government and the reform of life imprisonment wanted by M5s they end up on a siding. Until last week, the arrival of the proxy in the Senate hall was considered as armored, with the former majority agreeing on the need not to modify the text laboriously approved by the House with compromises on the Finance Committee. land registry and above all on the taxation of annuities. But then League And Brothers of Italywith Italy alive And Alternative they raised the tone by insisting on giving priority to tax justice reformforeseen among the goals of Recovery plan.

After several postponements, on 4 August in conference of the group leaders no agreement was reached on the hypothesis of “exchange” for which the center-right would have given the green light to the vote on the reform of the life sentence if the government had undertaken not to write any implementing decree on taxation. The works of Palazzo Madama will resume on September 6 when a new group leader could be convened. There is therefore nothing to do with the changes to the benefits for mafia and terrorist detainees who have never wanted to collaborate with the justice system.

Victim of the vetoes also the fiscal delegation, which along the way has lost pieces and embarked many requests from the parties. If it is true that she is not among the 100 objectives of the recovery plan to be achieved this year, she is however cited among the accompanying reforms and defined “between key actions identified in Pnrr to answer the structural weaknesses of the country “. And it contained some important predictions to hit the crucial goal of the reduction of tax evasion.

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