Tatá Werneck recalls his relationship with Gabriel Godoy in "let there be heart"

Tata Werneck remembered his relationship with Gabriel Godoy, with whom he starred in the romantic couple of let there be heart, behind the scenes of the soap opera, in 2016.

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when interviewing Daniel Ortiz, author of novels, during the program Lady Night, he shot: “You gave me a lot of work behind the scenes.” The presenter agreed: “I did. Because I fell for that robbery, which is a ****, which is you falling in love with the romantic couple.”

Daniel continued with the reasoning: “The two fell in love. But it was that troubled relationship, right? That we had to sit down with you, talk, say that this way it was no longer possible, that the atmosphere was weighing and was getting in the way of the other actors of the core,” he said.

Tatá also commented, “Thank you Dani for revealing details. Besides, after we were done, you wrote a wonderful scene.”

“I remember I wrote a scene based on your tumultuous relationship, so I put what was going on with you guys in the dialogue. You remember that,” he said. “Yeah: “Leozinho caught Gshow’s wife,” joked the comedian.

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