Tatá Werneck impresses with six-pack abs and gives followers an unusual tip

Tatá Werneck impressed the come up with a defined belly on the social networks. The new shape is the result of a new routine in the comedian’s life. According to her, the birth of Clara Maria, a success among the comedian’s followers, made her look more affectionately and prioritize her health.

On Twitter, the photo posted on Tatá’s Instagram went viral. “Tatá Werneck’s shape. Mona passes the training”, joked a follower.

“Eat well. I think it gives quick results. And my Personal is very good. Because I only do half an hour because I soon lose patience. But I don’t understand anything. I also poop several times a day,” joked the ‘The Masked Singer’ judge.

In the continuation of the responses to the followers, Tatá also explained that tin three years that you don’t eat any kind of fat.

Daughter motivated new body care

Recently, the actress said that the new training routine took place after the birth of Clara Maria.

“I never took care of myself. I would exercise if I went to work and needed to be more muscular, for example. I was a workaholic until I had my daughter, my goddess, who made me prioritize my health”, she points out.

Tatá Werneck is bothered by Rafael Vitti separation rumors

Tatá Werneck countered rumors that he would be in a crisis with Rafa Vitti. The two, who have been together for five years, are Clara Maria’s parents. The presenter took to Twitter to talk about it.

“Crazy internet guys. If I separate, I’ll talk. Don’t you know me? I don’t even have the ability to hide things. My pregnancy leaked with half an hour of fertilization. Stop with that repressed energy”, he wrote.

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