Tatá Werneck gets annoyed with the internet user who quoted Paulo Gustavo to attack her

Tatá Werneck lost patience on social media this Friday (19th). the comedian revolted after seeing a Twitter user quoting Paulo Gustavo to attack her, six months after the actor’s death.

the internet user provoked Tatá because of the comedian’s comments about the reality “A Fazenda”. The man accused the global of inciting hatred among the participants. “Tatá Werneck like ‘A Fazenda’ watches and makes comments to engage a wave of hatred on top of the participants and surf the wave. Paulo Gustavo is proud of his little friend from the sky,” he wrote.

“You m*. You’re going to use my friend’s name to attack me in the c*’s house! You m*! You disgusting!”, replied the comedian.

“I’m being polite so far. Go use his name in your c*, you bastard. Report that shit”, continued Tatá.

Tatá Werneck quotes Paulo Gustavo when reacting to Maraisa’s post about Marília Mendonça

Tatá Werneck reacted emotionally to Maraisa’s post about the death of her friend, Marília Mendonça, on the 5th. Commenting on the publication in which Maiara and Maraísa sing at the sertaneja’s wake, the comedian cited the death of Paulo Gustavo, which occurred in May, after two months of hospitalization, and said that he believed that they will meet on some plane.

“Honey, losing a friend hurts so much. It’s a lot of pain together. Everyone is so sore. Depressed. I wish God would comfort you as soon as possible. That little by little you can begin to be at peace. Imagine that Paulo can take care of her there. it brings me a beautiful image. He makes Marília laugh. She sings for him. And our best friends became best friends,” wished Tatá.

Internet users were moved by the words of Clara Maria’s mother. “How amazing you were in your words,” stated one. Another commented with crying emoji.

Thales Bretas vents about the six months since the death of Paulo Gustavo

On the night of the 4th, Thales Bretas published a long outburst on social media about missing her husband Paulo Gustavo, who died six months ago. “I still haven’t been able to process your absence, I’m slowly digesting it,” he said.

“I thought we would dance old people together, celebrate many weddings, but now i see you eternalized forever in me and in my life. With all the transformations it promoted, all the love it brought, children, friends, life…”, said Thales. The original photo was taken on their wedding day, in 2015.

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