Tatá Werneck celebrates the trip after 4 years without getting on a plane: "glad i got it"

Tata Werneck, celebrated, on her social networks, overcoming a fear that made her only travel on the country’s roads in the last four years: the phobia of planes. The actress and comedian posted on her Instagram account that she managed to fly again.

“Happy to have been able to catch a plane after 4 years”, wrote Tatá in the post made in Stories, when he was already on dry land. She tried to talk about it in the video, but couldn’t. “I’m glad I managed to catch it… I can’t hear it, I’m in the middle of the road”, she reported.

The fear of flying developed by Tatá is nothing new for his fans. In recent years, she has always commented on the phobia, even explaining that she even missed three international flights because of this panic.

Recently, the 39-year-old host of “Lady Night” entertained her Instagram followers 一 there are more than 54.2 million there 一 by denying pregnancy on social media🇧🇷 On the platform, she shared a video in which she appears photographing with her husband, Rafael Vittiaged 27, wearing a tight blue dress that marked her belly.

Along with the recording, she got ahead and decided to avoid possible gossip and rumors about a new pregnancy: “I’m not pregnant. I’ve been potbellied since I was 7 years old. I think it’s better to put it in the caption because otherwise sometimes it’s hours saying I’m not pregnant ”, she shot.

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