Tasting of "Big Brother" bet on Agustín’s sexuality and they repudiated it on the networks: the video

Just over a month after its start, “Big Brother 2022” It has already gone down in history as one of the most discussed editions of the famous format. The production of telefé owes its success to its participants, who entertain the Argentine public 24 hours a day with romances, fights Y a worrying number of controversial sayings.

This is how Cata speculated about Agustín’s sexuality!

The audience of “Argentine Big Brother” He fished for one of these comments again, when one of the participants on the plate returned to touch on a problematic recurring theme: Augustine’s sexuality. While “Frodo” managed to garner a sizable following outside the homeinside the player he was again nominated by his peersmaking it clear that he has no shortage of enemies.

This Thursday afternoon, Cata, Alpha, Juliet and Romina they were sitting in the kitchen when the subject of the participant’s sexual orientation came up again. For his part, Maria Laura He assured that he has no doubts, and tried to convince his colleagues of the same. “Don’t you sniff the person?”asked them.

“He thinks he’s very intelligent, he thinks he’s superior to everyone, it’s a boy who has a problem. Me, when we go out from here, girls, I took (the file). How is he and what likes does he have. We go out there and I’ll give you six beers, which is what I saywas the controversial statement that generated the response of Argentine Internet users.

It is not the first time that the participants speculate about “Frodo” behind their backs

“Me too, I have no doubt”added Alphawhile Romina added to the speculation and “Disney” kept careful silence. “I swear, I have a nose, girls, I don’t miss”Cata sentenced. If the reaction of the audience on social networks is to be trusted, tasting You won’t have to wait long to verify your sayings.

“Not even in the 1810 gh edition were the participants so obsessed with the sexuality of others” wrote Pame Stupia when sharing the moment of the house of “Argentine Big Brother”. “Why so obsessed I don’t understand”, “Why do you care so much about Agustín’s sexuality? What does that have to do with the game?other netizens agreed.

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