Tasting areas, rooftop restaurant, Pourcel school… the future Halles Védasiennes will make an impression

Designed in the heart of the ZAC de Roque Fraïsse and signed by the architects Miralles and Landemaine, they should be delivered in September 2025.

This Monday, November 14, at the start of the afternoon, the mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Védas, François Rio, showed a broad smile in the wedding hall at the Terral cellar. No, he was not accompanying a couple of Vedasians in just marriage. It concerned the baptismal font Les Halles Védasiennes, without a doubt the major project of his mandate.

“Why Les Halles Védasiennes? They are designed to connect the historic Saint-Jean and the new district of the ZAC de Roque Fraïsse and to create social ties. It’s a magnificent project”, underlined François Rio, accompanied by Cédric Grail, director of Serm, Mathieu Massot, general manager of FDI Groupe, Bernard Romagnoli and Grégory Jullien of the Romagnoli group and architects Jean-Baptiste Miralles and Thomas Landemaine.

The Romagnoli group has the ambition to bring the Halles Védasiennes to life.

A global project led by FDI Promotion

Covering an area of ​​3,000 m2, the Halles Védasiennes were designed as R + 3 around 22 stalls (ground floor), tasting areas (1st floor), a restaurant and a school. kitchens managed by the Pourcel brothers (2nd floor) and a rooftop restaurant (3rd floor).

This superb building is part of a development project carried out by FDI Promotion articulated around the Halles Védasiennes, 128 housing units, 500 m2 of shops, 440 m2 intended for a medical center, 220 m2 of offices and a 432-space underground car park: “This project has a cost of around €40 to 50 million. We will file the building permit for the Halles Védasiennes in early 2023 for delivery in September 2025”, said Mathieu Massot, CEO of FDI Band.

At the end of the presentation, Mayor François Rio was still smiling. Indeed, the Védasiennes halls will cost the City €0.

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