Tarek Boudali in a relationship with Diane Leyre? This video that sows doubt!

During her election as Miss France 2022, Diane Leyre admitted to being single. ” I am a heart to take but […] more than 67 million French people have taken their place in it recently “, declared the pretty brunette in the columns of Paris Match. Ready to devote herself entirely to her role, the young woman prefers to put her personal life aside for the moment. However, the love stories of Sylvie Tellier’s little protege fascinate Internet users who keep asking her for more details. Questions that begin to annoy the beauty queen. ” Half of the questions are about my love life. So I repeat it again: being in a relationship is not a life goal. I think it’s important to promote personal growth “, exploded Diane Leyre on her Instagram account before adding: “ We have the right to like being alone too. To take time for yourself, to take time to appreciate and pamper yourself “.

“Miss France keeps sending me messages”

But while the current Miss France seemed proud of her celibacy, would she have finally found the shoe that suited her during her year of reign? In full promotion of the film “Liar”, Tarek Boudali recently answered questions from Internet users. ” Hello Tarek, you are very handsome. Do you have to with the rating with the girls? “, asks in particular a cinephile. And the acolyte of Philippe Lacheau to answer: “ Want a scoop? Know that Miss France keeps sending me messages and harassing me on the phone, but hey, I keep cramping her… “But while the actor tries to explain the situation, Diane Leyre arrives. ” But Tarek… Aren’t you done lying? “says the pretty brunette. ” I wasn’t talking about you, it was about another Miss. Sorry, I confused the first names, I was talking about Artus because he was also Miss in Palavas-Les-Flots “defends the actor. You will therefore have understood, Tarek Boudali and Diane Leyre are not in a relationship… It was a simple publicity stunt. To the chagrin of Internet users!


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