Taranto, Marcello Vernola appointed new director of the province. Lawyer and lecturer, he is under investigation for fraud

Asked by Ilfattoquotidiano.it, the lawyer Mariano Fiore who defends Vernola, explained that despite the time that has elapsed, theinvestigation is not yet formally closed and that Vernola’s position was clarified to the magistrates. “My client – explained the lawyer Fiore – was first a consultant and then a lawyer for the company, but the facts contested by the prosecution refer to previous periods with respect to the role of Vernola “. At the moment, however, the new director general of the Province of Taranto is still formally under investigation.

A fact known to President Gugliotti, exponent of the center-right who leads the Province and who remains guaranteed. “I know of Vernola’s involvement in an investigation, but the Constitution says that we are innocent up to the third degree of judgment. If we made reference to the Severino law we would have to evaluate one first instance sentence, which is not there. If we really wanted to be executioners we could evaluate a indictment, but in this story there is not even this yet ”. For Gugliotti, in short, also the question of political opportunity is excluded. “I chose Vernola – added President Gugliotti – for his experience as an administrator and I trust you that, already in the early 2000s, I was gaining experience together with many other young people with an association that was chaired by Vernola himself”. In short, an evaluation that starts from afar and continues today but that seems to be in the province of Taranto destined to raise a great deal of fuss.

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